the free label

WHO be the label?


The Free Label is 5-piece, blue-suited Pop/R&B band from Toronto.

Josh Daniel - lead vocals, guitar, charisma
Daniel McLean - drums, singing, rapping, gospel chops
Mathew Fantini  - bass, low end, 808s
Cole Mendez - synths, organs, rhodes, piano
Malik  Mungo - lead guitar, way too much energy, dancing, stank face

Following in the tradition of R&B greats, The Free Label is known for their captivating stage presence as much as the quality of their music. Their musical talent, vibrant personalities, and highly energetic live sets bring a unparalleled vibe to any space they show up at. Press, peers, and fans agree that there's something special about the way these guys play music. This something makes dancing optional - yet inevitable - at any show with The Free Label.

Some History:

The Free Label came together in the summer of 2017, though all members have been highly experienced artists and performers in their own right. The Free Label are alumni of Canada’s Music Incubator, were featured artists at Youth Day 2017 and were 2017 Indie Week semi-finalists. In 2018 they were selected to play the Mariposa Folk Festival, Canadian Music Week, The Beaches Jazz Festival, and Mississauga’s Light Up The Square, among many others. They are at home on the street, at private events, and venues of all sizes.


The Free Label sound fuses the musicality of 70’s funk, 80’s pop, and 90’s R&B with a contemporary sound that millennials easily vibe out to. The Free Label is heavily influenced by their Toronto contemporaries such as Daniel Caesar, The Weeknd, and Charlotte Day Wilson, but they keep their ears open to the international sounds of Tom Misch, SZA, and Anderson Paak. to name just a few inspirations.

In April of 2018, The Free Label released their first self-produced EP This Some Kind of Love. In summer 2018 The Free Label released their first single All Night which quickly amassed over 140,000 streams on Spotify alone. January 2019 saw the release of their second single Nice. They have many more releases planned before their full-length drops September 2019.




by The Free Label

#SoNice Tour


The Free Label performed at a recent secret, invite-only Sofar Sounds Waterloo concert that my team and I hosted at, a tech firm located in the penthouse suite of one of Kitchener-Waterloo's original high-rises. I've hosted hundreds of artists in shows like this, and have rarely had one come close to filling the room with as much energy as quickly as the Free Label did. By their second song, the band had the entire audience up on their feet dancing along. Talented, classy, and incredibly polished, this is a band made up of great showmen and even better musicians with songs that everyone can vibe with. We'd be happy to have them for another show any time soon.”

Amit, City Lead, Sofar Sounds Waterloo 02.3.2019 

The Free Label came to us as finalists during the Mariposa Showcase 2018 for up and coming artists. From the very beginning, these fine young men were professional, poised and a breeze to work with. But it was during their performances on the Mariposa stages when they really shone. They engaged the audiences, collaborated easily with other musicians, and gave the audience their very best. They were the performers who first kicked off the festival on Friday, and they were also the final act closing out our Sunday night Pub Tent. They always came through with youthful energy. They'd be a great addition to any festival.

Liz Scott, Artistic Director, Mariposa Folk Festival


"Energetic, electric live performance."

Jesse Mitchell (A&R Rep & Artist Development at Coalition Music)

"The venue was packed & it was a night full of dancing & amazing music."

Canadian Beats / 04.23.2018

"Funk and R&B band, The Free Label, evokes a period, style and genre that was a la mode long before the members of this five-piece ensemble were born. Their youthful zeal and 21st century take on the music they so obviously love is intoxicating and turns heads every time they hit the stage."

Mariposa Folk Festival 04.25.2018

"The intention here is to get you moving and grooving and on that account they succeed. The songs are for your pleasure, to be played at a maximum volume at party or a great summer outdoors gathering. But the key to the music is to have fun and celebrate life. Again, they succeed."

"Josh Daniel has the perfect voice for the music."

Spill Magazine / 04.26.2018

“That first band we heard,” she added, referring to The Free Label, “was very different. They almost had a Vegas show feel.”

"Putting on a good show is what it’s all about with The Free Label...their music is high energy and has a focus on engaging the audience."

Orillia Matters / 04.22.2018

"The Free Label celebrate the release of their EP at The Boat in Kensington Market." (Photos)

Snapd Downtown Toronto / 04.19.2018

"Five amazing men come together to form a pop/r&b/funk band that everybody enjoys!"

Vaginas & Money Podcast / 04.22.2018

"Undeniably catchy!"

Joao Carvalho (Joao Carvalho Mastering)